My son is only 17 years old, and is online with his computer hours and hours a day. I recently found out he was borrowing money and playing video poker online and lost his 1000's of dollars he had put away for college. I scoured the Internet to find some kind of help, and I came across your youtube videos. I begged my son to watch, and now he and I call you our 'friend and saviour'. Thanks for saving my son...

M.T. Winnipeg Manitoba

My wife used to tell me she was volunteering twice a week at a local church. She would come home in every kind of mood possible. After 2 months I followed her and she was in fact going to a bar which had VLT machines. She was hooked. I confronted her and she asked for help. She went to local GA meetings, saw our family doctor, but nothing really helped. She continued to gamble now, with my knowledge. One night I was playing on the computer and found your Winning Hand site and radio shows. I asked my wife to watch...and magic, she has stopped cold turkey. She and I watch all your videos over and over.. Keep up the amazing work.

P.W. Red Deer Alberta

Mr. Riback, each and every time I have the urge to gamble, and its at least 3 or 4 times a week, I sit down for about half an hour, watch your videos on youtube, and realize that what you say is so accurate. Thanks for saving my life, and bank account, a few times a week. Keep up the good work.

W.R. San Diego

I lost about everything I had. Sold my car. Cashed out my 401ks, Lost my wife to a divorce. I took an 2 jobs to live One to live and one to gamble. I was out of my mind. A friend of mine at work told me about your web site. Thank you Howard. You got it, straight up, no BS!! Thank you bro for giving me my life back.

J.P. Austin Texas

Thank you Howard. These videos are wonderful. I feel as if you are talking right at me!! I desperately needed someone to understand the hell of gambling I will try and watch your videos :)

D.S. Toronto Canada

Gambling sucks. Plain old sucks. Keep getting the word out Howard. Gambling ruins lives. Thanks for all you do.

T.R. New York New York

Sorry to hear all the troubles you had, but it seems you figured things out. And now you're helping your brothers and sisters around the world. Thanks for all your good work. God Bless

H and C Biloxi, Miss

All the videos I have watched so far, are all very very true. Good work Howard.

M.S. Montreal Canada

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