Howard Riback is a Gaming and Gambling specialist, known as "TheĀ· Cleaner". In 2006, he hosted his own radio show entitled "The Winning Hand" on Team 990 and AM 940. He has often been a guest on CTV, CBC and local stations as both an Expert in the world of "Gambling and Gaming", as well as having been asked for his opinion when there is a gambling story in the news.

Howard's credentials range from being a licensed commercial pilot to going back to University in Windsor, Ontario, in his forties to specifically study the world of problem gambling. He obtained certificates in Problem Gambling and Suicide prevention. In 2009, Howard finished a certificate on Youth Gambling in Albany, New York, and attended the International Symposium on Gambling and Addiction. He also recently received a certificate in Nonverbal communication and the use of body language. In September 2009, Howard was featured in the Montreal Gazette newspaper about his life and expertise. Howard is in the midst of writing his memoires.

Howard, is known to have gambled (a tad too much), going back more than 25 years, and woke up. Realizing that gambling to the compulsive gambler and to the families is not a joke at all. Howard's storytelling, bluntness, and black and white style do not know from the colour grey. Howard has been in every possible situation imaginable as a former gambler. He has stories that range from the horrific to the comical.

Howard's recent activities read like a virtual who's who and what's what over the past few years alone. He can be found 7 days per week cleaning up a gambler's mess with such activities ranging from patching the broken family together, making financial arrangements with "loan sharks" and with those the gambler may have "stiffed", to helping the gambler himself to curb his appetite for this insidious addiction and helping other professionals by teaching them how to notice and recognize a gambler. His clientele is world-wide.


McGill University - Psychology

University of Windsor - Degree in Gambling Addiction

AACA of Albany New York - Compulsive Gambling Addiction

University of Windsor - Study of Pathological Gambling and its Effects

New York State - Pathological Gambling

Province of Quebec - Problem Gambling for Adults

Province of Quebec - Problem Gambling for Youths

Province of Quebec - Pathological Gambling

Province of Quebec - Gambling and Suicidal Effects

North American Certificate - Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)

Mark Bowden - Truth Plane

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