Howard Riback - Gambling/Gaming Expert & Motivational Speaker

Having gone through the tunnel and made it out the other side, Howard Riback is a gambling survivor who has seen it all. After 25 years of gambling, Howard overcame his own addiction and is living proof that an addiction can be cured quickly and permanently. Riback has built a new career as a counsellor, TV/Radio Personality, and a Court Appointed Therapist for those in real financial trouble (trying to avoid jail for possible fraudulent acts).

But forget the white-coat approach. Howard's experience led him to create a unique approach to treating compulsive gambling based on practical methods and proven results. The extent of theory in Howard's methods can be summed up in his own words: "It takes a former addict to know an addict." Howard is nothing like the therapist who sees a client once a week. Instead, Howard is on call, readily available to his patients, and does whatever it takes to get their life back on track. Known as "The Cleaner," Howard does what no one else will. From helping gamblers kick the habit, to dealing with financial institutions, loan sharks, and making amends with the family, Howard is a one-stop shop....

With a 97% success rate in helping his clients ovecome problem gambling for good, Howard is leading the way to a new paradigm. Howard has certificates in Problem Gambling, Prevention and Treatment of Youth Gambling as well and the list goes on. But his clients aren't looking for someone with a formal education - they come to him for his proven track record.

Howard Riback

Testimonials - What do my clients say

"Mr Riback, by you listening , understanding, and show of compassion regarding my gambling problems and how much I've screwed up of late...... along with the wonderful advice you've given me, you've allowed my life to become almost NORMAL again. Ill be in debited to you forever. Thank you a million times over. " –C.S. Montreal

"Howard, you saved my life, my families embarrassment , and helped me avoid doing 3-6 months of jail time, as a result of the problems I fell into because of those stupid VLT machines. I haven't looked at, thought of, of wanted to gamble in months. Meeting with you on a weekly basis , has saved my life. Thank you." –N.D. Montreal

"Down here in Australia we have Pokie machines.. like your slot machines. Deadliest and stupidest thing ever invented. I've lost more than $200,000 Australian in 3 years. I came across your site and read and listened to what you had to say. God Bless you Howard. I am clean since January 1 2011. Cheers" –P.Y. Sydney

Services - What can I do for you

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    When you gamble, you are not only gambling with your money, but with your family, friends, job and home ....

    Are you prepared to lose it all?

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